Michael Perry

Michael Perry


Warrick County

County Prosecutor Michael Perry is the current elected Warrick County Prosecutor, finishing his first term in office. During his first four year term, he has participated in numerous trials, and has help to convict two defendants charged with murder. Under his direction, the number of felony and misdemeanors filed has increased, resulting in more accountability for those responsible for committing crimes. Perry has also initiated several successful alternative sentencing programs in Warrick County, including a DUI Deferral program, an expanded Infraction Deferral Program, and a Misdemeanor Deferral Program. With the assistance of Federal and State grants, the office of the Warrick County Prosecutor Office now employs two victim’s representatives, one for Misdemeanor cases and another for Felony matters.

Additionally, a deputy prosecuting attorney was added at no expense to the taxpayers to specifically handle all drug cases and to attempt to stay ahead of the opioid crisis affecting almost every jurisdiction. The Prosecutor’s Office has also become an active partner with Warrick County Schools to ensure the safety of our students and to assist in enforcing educational truancy cases. The office is a firm believer in the need of education to help guarantee a better future for all.

The Warrick County Prosecutor Office has donated to various organizations benefiting our County, including but not limited to the Albion-Fellows Bacon Center, Boonville After Prom, Law Enforcement Training programs, and most recently made a $10,000 donation from its infraction deferral program to the Warrick County FOP for its Fallen Officer Memorial. Perhaps, though, the most important accomplishment of the past four years is the mending of relationships between the office and all law enforcement agencies in our county, which enables the citizens of Warrick County to feel safe in their homes and occupations.