Ron Bacon


County Council

At Large

I have over 50 years experience serving others. As a Respiratory Therapist. As a Small Business Owner. As a former County Councilman and as the County Coroner. Served as President of the Boonville Kiwanis, Jr. League Baseball/Softball, Jaycee’s, Merchants Association, and 24 years as High School Assistant Softball Coach. All of these experiences make me uniquely qualified to represent our County

Indiana Athletic Trainers Association “Distinguished Legislative Service Award”, 2010
Warrick County Chamber of Commerce “Rising Star” Award
Wal-Mart, Sam Walton “Business Leader” Award
Boonville Jaycee’s “Distinguish Service” Award
Indiana Jaycee’s “Vince Lombardi” Distinguished President Award
Indiana Optimist “Distinguished Sec/Treasure”. Award
Boy Scouts of America “Eagle Scout & Order of the Arrow” Awards

To keep Indiana Fiscally Responsible and a great State to raise a family and do business in. I will work as hard to keep the jobs we already have, as we do to bring new jobs to our area. I will protect our 1st & 2nd amendment rights and the sanctity of life and I will do all that I can to” Make Government Work for You”.

As a State Representative these past 10 years I have voted for a balanced budget with no tax increases and have worked to stop government overspending. I have worked to increase funding to our local schools, improve child protection, increase our homegrown energy production and to continue the record-breaking road building that is occurring through Major Moves. I have had meetings with my constituents and made tough decisions with energy and determination. I will continue to be a Leader who Listens because the future of our children and grandchildren depend on the actions we take today.